Alain defeated on Adrenalin Bout

Thursday, May 10, 2007

1. Dimitri Iliev - Taipan def Dominic Gall - Tamworth Fighting Arts
62kg 3x2 Mod Thai
2. Mick Mittiga - Jabout def by Daniel Holmes - Bowral Martial Arts
67kg 3x2 Mod Thai
3. Tarik Jawad - Taipan def Luis Regis - Bondi Muay Thai
76kg 3x2 Mod Thai
4. Nathan Grant - Taipan def Josh Primer - Tamworth Fighting Arts
82kg 3x2 Mod Thai
5. Cameron Nell - Khrop Khrua Muay Thai def John Claude - Syd's Gym
71.5kgs 3x2 Mod Thai
6. Ben Beeby - Jabout def by Chris Hallford - Tamworth Fighting Arts
72kg 3x2 Mod Thai
7. Asha Ingegneri - Jabout def by Leonie Macks - JNI Ringside
62kg 3x2 Mod Thai
8. Nick Rivera - Ho Lightning Lee def Damien Thorton - Fight Rite
67kg 3x2min Mod Thai
9. Jeff Llanes - JNI Ringside def by Flip Street - Boonchu
61kg 5x2min Full Thai
10.Jason Scerri - Jabout def by Pidsanu Kunchat - WMC Camp - Koh Samui
70kg 5x2min Mod Thai
11. Lachlan Stuart - Taipan def by Blake Sloss - Boonchu
78kg 5x3min Full Thai
12. Paul Smith - Jabout def Alain Sylvestre - WMC Camp - Koh Samui
72kg 5x2min Mod Thai

Ronin on Alain Sylvestre

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Ronin MMA's own Alain Sylvestre has been selected to participate in The Contender: Thailand!

The Contender is a series produced by world famous producer Mark Burnett (Survivor, The Apprentice, The Contender) that followed the lives of 16 boxers fighting to get their big shot.

Now he has decided to do a Contender focusing on Muay Thai and Alain is one of only 16 Muay Thai fighters from around the world who has been selected to compete for the prize of becoming “The Contender”!

Congratulations Alain we are all proud of you and all of us here in Ottawa will be rooting you on!